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@Chris, @Sarah

I haven't received an answer to this from anybody, so I'm hoping you might have an answer.
Okay, this is one of those dumb questions. I see that you have the reservoirs (tanks) for the water, but when you open a faucet, or turn the shower on, what activates the pump to pump water from the reservoir/tank to the faucet or shower? I'm guessing the type of pump you get is activated by reduced water pressure, but I don't know because I haven't bought one yet (and don't yet know the best one to buy!).

Also, is there a down side (besides weight) of having a 100 gallon tank for clean water? I'm guessing you'd like to position it near the middle of the bus, if you can.

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I'm only posting this because I've seen multiple people in skoolie videos reference their water pressure switch. A lot of people will have a switch (convenient to the water source, usually) and they flip the switch and use the water.
I'm planning on at least 150 gallons of fresh water, perhaps 200 depending on the rest of the build weight.
Good luck!