Undercarriage rust


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How do y'all think this looks? She spent all 20 years of her life on the east coast so we were worries about rust. Is this bad enough that we should ask to bring the price down? Or will it be fine and last a long time with some kind coating?


Thanks everybody, much appreciated!


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I'm certainly no expert (nor am I experienced), and it's hard to be certain without poking/banging on it with something hard and pointy, but from the pictures it appears to still be pretty solid to me. I would think that as long as it remains solid after banging on it, you could probably get away with a good clean and then a coat of rustoleum.


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I agree with Fundog. There are
I agree with Fundog. Without being there to physically inspect it, it appears as surface rust. No visible holes eaten through. If you end up getting it, there are several spray rust removers on the market. Here is a U OF Y video to start you on yor rust removal
(if not for this bus, then one later down the road). You can have the undercarriage sprayed with Rhino Lining or similar once treated for rust. An added cost, but if this is to be your home, consider the frame foundation. And unaddressed problems with that can be catastrophic.