Starting my 4X4 bus build

Ben Bus Guy

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Hi all,

I'm new to all this so I will do my best to document my build.

So I bought a 2002 25 foot Bluebird with the Cummings 5.9 and Alison transmission (bus only has 61k) I sent it out for a 4x4 conversion and it came out great! Tulsa Truck Manufacturing is unreal. The best of the best to say the least. They don't give it away but they are worth every penny. I wanted to add Super Singles on it so I needed a new rear end. The stock one on the bus had only 8 lugs and I guess Super Singles only come in 10 bolt? It got a new rear end out of a Kenworth with a gear ratio of 5.29. It also has Warn lockout hubs. Here is a before and a few after pics


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