Skoolie Not Allowed in my Neighborhood


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Hi, I just found out today that I am not able to park a school bus in my neighborhood. My subdivision is not zoned for it which is considered a "commercial vehicle". This is devastating news that I never heard of before. Has anyone had this problem? I had my mind set on buying a school bus and converting it into a home. I'm now thinking of a Plan B. I would possibly have to rent a space to park it - which would be money I could put in the conversion. Any comments are appreciated.


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Depending on the state you live in once all the seats are removed you should be able to get it registered as a recreational vehicle. At that point it is no longer considered a commercial vehicle and the law no longer applies. Before spending a bunch of money on a separate parking location, contract your DMV and ask them what the law is concerning RV parking in your neighborhood.

B Set Bus

LOL subdivision. Brings to my mind "code enforcement" which is a skoolies nightmare word.
Yes I am being intentionally facetious.
There is a lot to consider and parking for conversion and parking to live aboard are issues.
Creativity and the will to change the world will come into play so you have to use all the brain cells on this one.
I can tell you it ain't easy, I don't see anyone else saying it but I know it for sure.
Right now I am parked on a soft shoulder of a road off of I95 by a gas station as I write to you.
I am moving around in my bus.
I cannot seem to be in a spot for very long.
But I am getting skillfully using Google Earth to find places and that's a skill.
I to know I old head at this living in vehicles.
I lived in a Chevy van for ten years not much problem and I drove across the country in it.
I lived in seven states in my Ford box truck about 12 years, it blended in, urban camo they call it stealth.
But a skoolie is much different, you stick out like a sore thumb.
There's a real school bus transportation depot where I am right now just up the road and everyday a hundred real passenger buses roll by me sitting here parked on their roadway.
And they some of them wave at me as they drive out and then again back in. And they're probably talking about you know the old guy living in his bus I guess they do.
But they seem ok with it so it makes me feel good like I can live a while longer safe and kinda nice and that's another skill set right there that you'll need to learn.
Good luck to ya!
Write back if u want to.