Looking for Internet options...


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Hi everyone, I'm currently working on my GMC 3500 Vandura short bus build. I will be living in this as my permanent home and am looking for Internet options that would best work for me. I'll be moving my bus between 4 different locations throughout the month to comply with various laws. I need something fairly cost efficient. I tend to stream TV shows and movies or play online games during my time off work so am looking for something that can provide decent mobile internet. I know that the greyhound buses now all have portable wifi and that seams like it would be a good fit but from what I have been able to research whatever they use for this may be pretty substantially out of my price bracket. If anyone knows of any device, plan or whatnot that can provide decent mobile internet. I'd really appreciate it. For reference the different locations I'll be bouncing between are semi rural areas within about a 30 mile radius of each other. That way I can park my Skoolie for a week and use my truck or moped to go-to work or run errands. Hope everyone is well and hope to hear from you all.


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From my research, most people either have Verizon or AT&T unlimited mobile hot spot.
Some even have both, when they're working online from the road.


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Starlink $135 a month and that lets you be mobile with it so setting up it up in different locations. Not while in motion internet.