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Hey Skoolie Friend, I call my auto insurance “Progressive “ for a quote on “Bus”. I was shock on the price that he gave me!!! The agent ask me all kind of questions-like what is the model of the bus?,How far drive for one way?, Do I have a CDL license?,…I just told him that “I just want a “Ball-Park” quote, because I don’t have a bus yet. Well the talk was a little long and the agent said that the “Bus” will be under a “Commercial “ vehicle and not a regular car or van. It was quoted at $1k for a year. And if it was converted into a “RV” -They will “NOT” cover it!!! So what do y’all have for insurance? Let me know any advice. Thank you Friend. 😀


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We need the same info about insurance. It's just a RV isn't it?
Hey “J”, I read a post from another Skoolie Group- that I am in . He said that he have progressive insurance, and they cancel his policy,because he told them -the bus was use for “pleasure “ and business. They “Cancel” his policy because it is at “High” Risk because it is use for “pleasure “ use. So, I think you and me need to use for business, until you converted into a “RV”. And also buy just “liability-coverage only “ because “Comprehensive- is hard and expensive, just fix the bus yourself, until you converted it into a “RV”. Let me know-Thank

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First off if you were "quoted" $1000 a year JUMP ON THAT MuthrFokKR and lock that in.
The l o n g conversation was an agent investigation of you and you desires and intents with a school bus because the agent is looking to get to the truth about what you're going to be doing with a school bus and it doesn't mean hauling passengers it.means living aboard and how many days a year you in it and also how far from where you store (STORE) your bus you will be driving it. Because once you even hint to an insurance agent your plan to live in it their antenna goes up bristling and they start asking you more questions until , sadly as you e found out, that they say sorry ehhhhtttt no insurance for you! And that's what's happening to us all unfortunately.