HELP! Insurance Advice Requested

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Dear @Chris or @Sarah and/or Whomever,

My decades long insurer, Geico, turned down my request for insurance on my newly purchased (August 4) Blue Bird TC2000 (23'), even though I have fortunately had an over 30 year record of non-incident or ticket driving record. So I went to Progressive and they initially accepted, then for no reason they cancelled (I tried writing and calling and never got a reason), just a "NO". Now I get a letter from the Florida Highway and Motor Vehicle and Safety Department saying they're going to cancel my driver's license because I don't have insurance on the vehicle, although the bus has been parked while I work on it all this time (about a month).

Can somebody PLEASE tell me who can insure a school bus being converted into a motorhome. I'm pissed off, depressed, and desperate to get this insurance thing out of the way so I can move on (literally down the road, and with my life!).




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Snewo and all other Skoolies "losing sleep" over finding insurance. So I followed Snewo's suggestion - I called the Allstate Insurance (David Knowles Agency 1-352-326-9300) and asked for Kelly Newsome. Didn't get Kelly on the phone - got her assistant, Susan - who immediately asked, "are you a Skoolie?" I thought, no point trying to 'conceal' it, as many others have suggested. "I replied, "yes, an aspiring skoolie who is buying his first bus." She replied, "no problem," and emailed me the same "Skoolie Information Sheet" that Snewo attached to this thread. I filled it out and returned it, along with the photos of the bus and the Invoice I received from Tony and Joe at AAA Bus in Phoenix. Got my quote the next business day - $370 for 12 months. I IMMEDIATELY paid the $$ - and received my insurance ID cards via email. QUICK, PAINLESS, EASY and VERY reasonably priced!!!

As a word of warning, I must add - this agency says it "cannot insure conversions if they have a rooftop deck or wood burning stove."