15+ Industry filmmaker wanting to share the life changing power of Skoolies!


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Hey All! My family and I stand for creating positive content that makes the world a better place! And when we found out about the skoolie lifestyle we knew this was an area we not only wanted to be part of, but help use our emotional storytelling skills of filmmaking to help make the world more aware of. We believe that life is about experience and living your highest “NOW” moment while creating an environment for others to do so as well. We have a few really cool unique ideas for sharing skoolie life education and opportunities with the world including a documentary, and potentially replacing the “on set trailer for actors “ with a truly different environment skoolie on movie sets all over. We are reaching out because we know there may be a company, or persons out there who resonate with this idea and feel like they would like to help. We are very new to the skoolie lifestyle and are trying to get one of our own in due time. Thanks for all who read and look forward to co creating with amazing people